Jurnal Program Studi di STAI Serdang Lubuk Pakam, yang terdiri dari:
1. Jurnal Bilqolam Pendidikan Islam
2. Jurnal Alhaqu : Jurnal Al Ahwal Syakhsiyah


  • Al-Fikru: Jurnal Ilmiah

    Al-Fikru: Jurnal Ilmiah  is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes different kinds of scientific articles based on the research-article and ideas-article. All topics that we received only articles relating to Education, Law, and Islam History fields. For research category, articles can be written using quantitative and qualitative approaches, and can be made in a variety of research designs, such as action research, experiments, and case studies. This journal was published since 2020 twice a year every June and December and published by the STAI Serdang Lubuk Pakam.

  • Jurnal Bilqolam Pendidikan Islam

    Bilqolam Journal is an online publication media that aims to produce scientific articles where each article will be peer reviewed, peer review, or peer assessment. And the scientific articles that are the target of the Bilqolam Journal are research in accordance with the needs of the times and are very closely related to the world of Islamic religious education. So specifically the Bilqolam Journal discusses students, teachers or educators, curriculum, methods, evaluation, environment, educational infrastructure.

    Bilqolam Journal is a journal managed by the PAI research program STAI Serdang Lubuk Pakam. Bilqolam Journal consistently provides excellent scientific work and high-quality research results. Bilqolam Journal is published twice a year, January-June and July-December

  • Jurnal Alhaqu

    Alhaqu: Jurnal Al Ahwal Syakhsiyah