Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines
Papers submitted to our editors will be considered for publication with the following criteria:

It is scientific and focuses on reviews of related issues in Arabic language education. In addition, it must be original and based on research and literature studies that are contributors to the development of Arabic language education.
Articles must be original, research-based, unpublished and not under review for possible publication in another journal.
Consists of title, author's name, institution, email address, abstract, keywords, content and references.
The title must be clear, precise and no more than 14 words.
The author does not need to include an academic degree.
Manuscripts are typed in MS document format with Times New Arabic, size 12 pts, 1 space, A4 paper approximately 15 to 20 pages
All submissions must include a 100-250 word abstract and 3-5 keywords. Abstracts of scientific papers must contain the title, objectives, methods, and research findings. While the non-research paper abstract includes the title, purpose, and discussion.
It must be typed in Microsoft Word with RTF (Rich Text Format) or Doc. (Word Document) and sent to the editor with the submit facility on this website or via email using a file attachment.
Bibliographic references should be noted in the body notes using the Mendeley APA 7th edition and the bibliography using the Mendeley APA 7th edition.
Papers will be reviewed and edited without changing any substantial content.
Transliteration papers must be based on transliteration rules.
Rejected papers will be notified to authors via OJS or email.