Guidelines for Writing Bilqolam Journal of Islamic Education
Script writing may use Indonesian or English but must pay attention to the language rules of each text. If you want to write a research article, there must be: an abstract, an introduction, a theoretical study, research methods, research results and discussion, conclusions and a bibliography.

Meanwhile, those who want to write in the form of scientific papers must have: abstract, introduction, discussion, conclusion and bibliography. When you want to write an article, you need to pay attention to the letters using Trebuchet MS, then the distance is 1.5 with margins (3 up, 3.5 below, 3 left and 3 right) using A4 paper. Page numbers must be included in the text located at the footer of each page. For other requirements as follows:

Writing the title of the article using capital letters, font size 14 points and bold print. The author's name is written without a title with a font size of 10 points. Author affiliation information and contact information (email, etc.) must be written in 10-point letters. The title of the summary (Abstract) is written in 10 dots and bold. The contents of the abstract are written with a font size of 10 dots and 1 space. The abstract is written in 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English. Keywords are written after the Abstract with a font size of 10 points. The text is written in 12-point font and in bold. The text of the article is written with a font size of 12 points and is left and right aligned.
Reference using body notes

The number of pages for writing articles in the form of research ranges from 4000-5000 words which includes titles, abstracts, keywords, and references. And articles in the form of papers range from 4000-4500 words including titles, abstracts, keywords, and references. Abstract writing is written in two languages, namely Indonesian and English with a maximum length of 150 syllables. Maximum two syllables for keywords, provided that the Indonesian abstract keywords are in bold and the English abstract keywords are written in italics without being bold.

References that will be used for articles and papers, in the form of books, journals, theses and proceedings. References must be written correctly. In writing citations, we recommend and invite the use of citation management software, such as Mendeley
References should be written using body notes following the APA Style New Edition standards, and using tools such as Mendeley. If the article has errors above 35%, it will be returned to the owner for correction. And please note that the process of submitting this article is free. The Bilqolam Journal of Islamic Education will be published twice a year, namely January-June and July-December and an online system with the website address: