The Journal of Islamic Education Bilqolam will be published twice a year, namely January-June and July-December. Managed by the Islamic Education Research Project published by the STAI Serdang Lubuk Pakam PAI Study Program. The Bilqolam Journal of Islamic Education is available in print as an online open source. The statement describes the ethical behavior of all parties involved in publishing journal articles, including authors, editors, editorial boards, reviewers and publishers. This statement is based on the "COPE Journal Editor's Guide to Best Practice."

The articles published in the Bilqolam Journal of Islamic Education are an important part of developing a coherent and respected knowledge network. This directly reflects the quality of the work of the authors and supporting organizations. Peer-reviewed articles support and apply the scientific method. Therefore, it is important to achieve the standards of ethical behavior expected of all parties involved in publishing (including authors, editors, reviewers, publishers and the public). As the manager of the Islamic Education Bilqolam Journal, the Research and Development Center for the Islamic Education Bilqolam Journal seriously carries out its duties as guardians at every stage of publication, and acknowledges its morals and other responsibilities. The Research Center for the Bilqolam Journal of Islamic Education is committed to ensuring that advertising, reprints, or other commercial revenue will not influence editorial decisions.